Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money – You Bet!

Affiliate-_Marketing4Can Affiliate Marketing make money?


Of course it can and if you do it right with the best Affiliate Platform, you can make tons of money and live the lifestyle you desire, buy anything you want and…………..STOP!

Sorry to interrupt your daydreams, but you need to begin first, and the sooner the better, don’t you think?


Now let’s get started


  • Get honest and trustworthy Affiliate Company

  • Decide on a niche (audience)

  • Build Website


Honest and Trustworthy Affiliate Company (very important)

This is very important. I say it because I have experience of searching the Internet for legitimate and trustworthy Affiliate Platforms and….it was a nightmare, to be brutally honest. To find them wasn’t the problem, to find the right one was the puzzle. When I started out, and after reading a few articles on how easy it is to make money on the Internet, I thought it was just getting the necessary tools, make a few clicks and wait for the money to roll in. Not so easy.

What made it even more difficult, was to get the best Affiliate Platform with everything you need, because there are tons of affiliate scams out there and I was unfortunate enough to learn the hard way and fortunate enough to finally find the best Affiliate Platform in the world. I will promote this company and I will strongly advice you to try them on their Free Starter Pack to avoid the mistakes I made. This Company is Wealthy Affiliate, the best there is. You can read my review on them here and other reviews here.

Decide On A Niche (Audience)

A niche is basically a group of people, or as I see it, your target market and I think the best way to describe it is by example. If you want to promote a certain product or service to the billions out there, it just makes sense to target the people who NEED or WANT that specific product or service. I mean, try selling an affiliate program to a billionaire to make some extra money! Or the old classic, to sell snow or a deep freezer to an Eskimo!

Sit down and think about it, get together with friends or family and brainstorm. It wouldn’t make sense to choose too broad a niche, like health or make money online. You need to narrow it down to a specific group of people. Another example would be, if you choose health, to narrow it down to something like gout or migraine headaches and find solutions for your niche’s predicaments. Your goal here is to help people. And they will pay you for it.

If you choose make money online, you will narrow it down to affiliate marketing, website marketing, Facebook marketing or whatever marketing, you get my point, right? Right.


You asked me a question: Can Affiliate Marketing make Money? Of course it can, but it depends on one crucial element: YOU! Do you want to make money? Do you want to uplift yourself? Do you want to be the person you want to be? You can be, and you can be so much more, just put in the effort you need to put in. You can and will be your own hero. Without you, you can’t make any money.

Build Your Website

YOUR WEBSITE IS YOUR BUSINESS. You need to build it, take care of it, optimize it and it will take care of you and optimize you to a level where you can do what you want, when you want to do it. But it will take a little bit of work from you. Let me bullet it:

  • Sacrifice your time (Joke)
  • Sacrifice your freedom (Joke)
  • Do Internet Research
  • Get your thoughts together
  • Write quality content
  • Be original
  • Be creative and
  • Be Yourself
  • And you will succeed

Do Internet Research

The Internet is there for all of us and I know there’s a lot of weird stuff which can waste your time tremendously, but stay focused and only do thorough research on your chosen keywords. Don’t get distracted and you will get everything you need to write quality content for your audience. Now get your thoughts together.

Write Quality Content (Very important)

Can Affiliate Marketing make money…Yes it can, but forget about it if you don’t provide quality content for your audience and for Google. Let me explain. You need to write quality content for Google so you can get good rankings for your website and you need to rank on the first page for your audience to read your quality content. They will love you and come back again and again to read your interesting articles and they will trust you when you suggest and advice them to buy the stuff you advertise. More and more people will read your content and more and will buy. Guess what? You make more and more money.

Be Original. Be Creative. Be Yourself. And You Will Succeed.

Drop by, don’t be shy and ask us a question in the comment box below.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money – You Bet!”

  1. Hey Nicolaas, thank you for this post where one can find some advice about starting his own blog to earn money. I also wanna thank you for sharing your tip about a good Affiliate Platform. I ran into Wealthy Affiliate soon, so I didn’t have bad experiences with other communities before, their community is really amazing! You make people who read you blog save a lot of time by giving them your tips.

    1. Hi Arianna
      I’m really happy for you to have found Wealthy Affiliate. It is an amazing Affiliate Platform and I will encourage anyone to join them because they are simply the best. I am with them and I couldn’t be happier.
      Thank you for your comment and I wish you all the best!

  2. Hi Nicolaas,
    great article and I agree with you. I was looking for a trustworthy Affiliate platform too.
    This one from your article opened my eyes and I gladly started “Sacrificing my time” (joke) 🙂

    Keep writing and wish you good luck. You’re doing a great job, here!

    1. Hi Peter
      It is really heartwarming to see comments like this. I’m very glad you liked it and also found it useful. My hope is for other people to see it and may also benefit from it. Thank you very much, I wish you much success in your online journey.

  3. Hi Nicolaas, Interesting site. Your comment ‘sacrifice your time’ really resonated with me as any online business does take time and effort to build up. The people who invest that time are the ones who succeed, the ones that don’t and fall by the wayside after a month or so, are the people who won’t. Any business will take time or money to get established and it makes sense that online businesses would be exactly the same. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. Kind regards, Karen

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you for your comment and I’m really glad that you could get something out of my article, Although I must still finish it.I agree that it will take time to establish a sound online business and to prosper.
      Thank you once again.

      Take care and good luck.

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